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Welcome to Year 5

Christmas Lolly Bags

Last week the Year 5 students worked together to make lolly bags.  These bags will to be given out to the children who come to the Christmas Eve Mass as Christmas gift. The students had fun making them and helping Fr Grant and the Parish.

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Fremantle Goal

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On Friday, 2nd of November, the Year 5 class went to Fremantle Goal. A tour guide, named James, took us around the Goal. James gave us two tours – the first one in the gaol and the second about jobs they had and the areas they were allowed in.z

There was a prisoner named Moondyne Joe who was known as an escapologist, who could escape really well. He escaped out of two cells and the prison walls. The first cell he was in, he escaped only after a couple of weeks of being in there. Then he got transferred to a more secure cell where he escaped as well. The last time he escaped was when he was doing his job – he built a scarecrow and went to the “cafeteria” where he smashed a wall down and escaped.

If I got a choice to go in gaol for a day or two, I would accept it because it would be interesting to see the gaol from their point of view.

Addision, Yr 5

Student Voices Speak Volumes

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Our Year 5 and 6 students all presented 3 minute speeches on a topic of their choice this term to vie for the opportunity to represent St John’s at an Interschool “Raise Your Voice” competition. The topics were highly engaging and the students impressed all of us with their presentation skills. Topics ranged from “Racism” to “Nasty Additives In Our Food”. From this amazing talent three students from each class were selected to head off to the interschool competition.
Congratulations to all our St John’s Representatives photographed with their Enrichment teacher and special congratulations to Andie Watson who won the Interschool Yr 5 category with her dynamic, winning speech about ‘The Pressures of Professional Athletics.’

St Vinnies Volunteers

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Throughout the month of October, the Year 5 students have been collecting food donations to stock the St Vincent de Paul Food Pantry. Volunteer, Mrs Meg Roche, met with the students recently and talked about where the food is donated and how the students could help further.


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Year Fives have produced some excellent projects for their chosen planets. They presented these recently to the Pre Primary and Year 1 students.
As part of our studies on the “Earth in Space”, the students were required to research a planet and present their findings to their class, and other year groups for Science Week. The students have also created power point presentations in addition to their projects.
This research included information and topics of their own choice. These included physical description, exploration, key facts and other interesting information particular to that planet.
These creative presentations are currently on display in the Year 5 class. Well done to these students for their wonderful work.


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As part of Science Week the Year 5 class had a day of science activities at Scitech. We learnt about light and how it can change form. We also travelled to outer space in the Planetarium, viewing the Planets and Constellations. We studied the machines on the general exhibit area and have written reports on a machine that interested us. We all had a wonderful, challenging day at Scitech.


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In our technology studies this term the Pre Primary and Year Five classes are making i-Movies for the Open Night being held this term. They are titled, “The day in the life of a Pre Primary student”.  The Buddies meet each week to work on projects.

Western Force Comes to St John's

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Western Force Rugby Development coach, Langley, will be visiting St John’s over the next five weeks to introduce Rugby Union to all students in Years 3-6.

Grok Block Coding

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Year 5s are learning to do block coding with the Grok programme in our technology groups. Mrs Mullins is helping us. It is a lot of fun learning to code.

Take 3 For The Sea

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Year Five students met with the Mayor of Stirling last Wednesday to present him with stickers they designed to diminish pollution in our oceans. After research into the harm plastics do to our marine life our students were inspired to create posters encouraging residents to pick up three pieces of rubbish to dispose of every time they are at a beach. They then put forward a persuasive suggestion to the City of Stirling that their posters be turned into bin stickers for our nearby beaches.

Maths Enrichment

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Our Year 4,5, and 6 students are currently working diligently in Maths Enrichment, solving challenging algorithms on a Get Set Go Program to prepare themselves for the Australian Mathematics Trust Competition to be held in August.

The Great Plastic Debate

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Yesterday the Fives had a great dedate on ‘Plastics and its impact on our environment’.    The four main topics debated were:

•       Single-use plastics bags must be banned
•       Ban single-use plastics bottles
•       Single-use plastics must be banned
•       Plastic bags around the globe, must be charged to the user

This is a culmination of our research project skills, persuasive text writing and dramatic oration skills.

In addition, we have created posters encouraging the community to ‘Take Three for the Sea’. This means that each time people leave the beach, they pick up three pieces of rubbish for the bin, thereby preventing marine life from being endangered!

The City of Stirling have embraced our project and have partnered with us to transform our posters into stickers.  The A3 sized stickers will be stuck on bins at the City’s beaches to spread our message.

We encourage our St John’s community to spread the message far and wide.

Buddy Time

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This term our Pre Primary class are focusing on Sustainability.  During Buddy Time with the Year 5s, students are working together to design and create a house for a chick.

This idea also came up as a response to the recent chicken hatching program within the Pre Primary classroom.