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Welcome to Pre Kindergarten

Welcome to St John’s Pre Kindergarten in 2020

We are very much looking forward to sharing this exciting journey with your  family. Pre Kindergarten is often a child’s first experience in an educational  setting and we believe it should be a happy and posiitve one that fosters a love of learning. We strive to create a caring, safe, stimulating environment to nurture your child’s disposition to wonder, to explore and construct meaning about the world. We celebrate childhood by providing a developmentally appropriate program that values and respects the uniqueness of each.
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St John's Scarborough - Pre Kindy Learning Through Play
Learning Through Play

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Our Pre Kindy is based on learning though play which inspires and increases imagination, creativity, vocabulary enrichment and hands-on learning. Play fosters independent problem-solving, empathy development and conflict resolution skills. Emotional skills and personal empowerment are also developed through play. These are all foundations for future school success. Please enjoy our video that captures your children in our magnificent play based environment.

Welcome Back Pre Kindy Children

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There were lots of smiles as we welcomed our eager Pre Kindy children back to school today.  We have missed their laughter and joy which they bring to our class each week.  Big brothers and sisters were very keen to lend a hand by taking their younger siblings to class, given the fact we cannot have parents on school site just yet.  We also welcomed new Pre Kindy families to the St John’s school community.


St John's School, Scarborough - Highlights of Our Pre Kindy Program
Highlights of our Pre Kindy program

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St John's Scarborough - Pre Kindy Happy Mothers Day
Happy Mother's Day

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Pre Kindy @ St John's

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