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St John’s Primary School Term 2 & 3 Building Works

Following a tender process managed by Catholic Education WA, and approval by the School Board, local builder W. Fairweather & Son Pty Ltd has been appointed as the construction contractor for our building works.

The build commenced on Tuesday 4 June 2019 and is expected to be completed by Friday 27 September 2019.

 All efforts are being taken by the builders to keep disruption to students, the broader school community, the parish and our neighbours to a minimum.   Most of the destruction process has occurred. The verandah roofing to the outdoor section will be removed in Week 8 and the construction stage is due to start by Week 9.

The purpose of the works is to relocate the Pre Primary classroom to allow these children to have immediate proximity to their grounds. The availability of outdoor/indoor flow for children in the Pre Kindy, Kindy and Pre Primary years is an essential part of good Early Childhood educational practice.

Week 8 Build Update

  • The Church car park – the 3 bays closest to the back gate of the school is currently being used by the builders, approved by Father Grant.
  • The last 2 weeks have been mainly demolition and ‘in ground’ works. There have been no surprises appear in this process that could slow the progress.
  • Over the weekend the majority of the material was placed into skips and removed from the site on Tuesday morning.
  • This week will see the completion of the demolition of the outside area including removal of the water tanks.
  • The main fit-out works will now start internally along with new external structure.


Please refer to the Q&A within this section regarding the build.

The purpose of the works is to allow immediate accessibility for the Pre Primary children to their amazing outdoor learning environment.

St John’s Building Works Gallery

Architect’s Impression of the new Undercover Area Design

Take a closer look at the latest from our building works

Question and Answer Section

As at April 26th 2019

Q: What is the scope of the works?

A: The scope of works includes:

  • the repositioning of the Pre Primary classroom to what was, until early April this year, the Year 1 and the Maker Space Room. The purpose of this build is to allow the Pre Primary children direct access to their ECE Outdoor Learning Environment.
  • the relocation of the Multi Purpose Room to the current Pre Primary room.
  • the beautification of the Undercovered Area between the new Multi Purpose and Hall. This will benefit all students from PP – Yr 6 during Music and Art lessons held in the vicinity and will include a protective, see through weather proof covering, permanent seating and ‘greenery’.
Q: How are the works being funded?

A: The works are being funded wholly from St John’s budget.

Q: Will school fees go up as a result of the works?

A: No. School fees were increased this year to a % below the minimum recommendation put to us by CEWA in October 2018. 

Q: Who will be undertaking the works?

A: Following a tender coordinated by Catholic Education WA (CEWA) and approval by the School Board, local builder W. Fairweather & Son Pty Ltd has been appointed as the construction contractor.

Fairweather is a family owned commercial building company with a great deal of experience in educational builds, including Servite College, Scotch College Early Learning Centre and Notre Dame University.

A pre-start meeting was held on 16 May with the contractor, architect, CEWA and the Principal.

Q: When will the works commence?

A: At this stage the works are expected to commence on Tuesday 4 June, 2019.

Q: When will the works be completed?

A: It is anticipated that the works will be completed by Friday 27 September 2019.

Q: Will there be another Busy Bee once the works are completed to move the classrooms around again?

A: The first Busy Bee held in April was a huge success. It is likely there will be another Busy Bee at the completion of the works to move the Year 1, PP and Kindy classes.

Q: Where will all the classes be placed at the end of the build?

A: Year 1 will be relocated in the recently vacated Yr 2 room; Year 2 and 3 will stay as they are now, in their newly acquired classroom spaces. Year 4 and 5 classes will swap their current locations at the end of 2019 to allow for the two upper primary classes – Yrs 5 & 6 – to be positioned side by side.

Q: Why did the children move classrooms in Term 1, if the works don’t start until Term 2?

A: We took the opportunity for the children in Years 1-4 to move classrooms in late Term 1 so that they were settled before the commencement of Term 2 thereby allowing the Kindergarten, PK and Pre Primary classroom moves to occur more leisurely in Term 2 once confirmation of the Build start date was known.

Q: Will the children be impacted during the works?

A: W. Fairweather will be doing their utmost to ensure as minimal disruption as possible during the build. The works will be carried out in a way to minimise the impact on the children, the broader school community, the parish and our neighbours. There will however, likely be some impacts, but these will be minimised as much as possible. For example, Art and Library lessons will be held in classrooms during the build.

Q: Where will the assemblies be held during the works?

A: The assemblies will be held in the Year 5 and 6 Undercover Area during the works.

Q: Will there be any impact to parking during the works?

A: There will likely be some restrictions to the use of the church carpark throughout the works. This will be confirmed once we have a contractor appointed.

Q: Will there be any impact to Kiss and Ride during the works?

A: No, Kiss and Ride will continue as normal throughout the works.

Q: Who can I contact if an issue arises with the works or if I want more information?

A: You can contact Mary Bizzaca regarding any issues that arise as a result of the works. Any Board Member, particularly the Board Chair, or those members on the Assets and Maintenance Sub Committee of the Board, can be contacted regarding general information. These members are listed on the school website within the School Board membership section.

Q: What communication will the school use to communicate with parents during the build?

A: Communication to parents will be via the school newsletter, updates to the ‘Building Works’ webpage, text messages and SEQTA emails as appropriate.