St John's Primary School


Welcome to Kindergarten

Introduction to Kindergarten

We believe that all children are curious and have a sense of wonder about their world. Your child will bring a wealth of knowledge and experiences to Kindergarten and have their own theories about the world around them.

Our role is to nurture their thirst for learning and to guide them as they seek answers to their questions. The Kindy  environment is designed to  promote learning through play, collaboration and the expressive arts.

Download a copy of the Kindergarten Information Booklet.

Kindy Birds of Prey

In the safe and familiar setting of the Kindy classroom, the children experienced the shared discovery of the BIG BIRDS  with great pleasure. The attention, smiles and shared joy were the best rewards for us educators, a wonderful learning experience with ‘ Birds of Prey’.


Dinoland came to visit our Kindy and Pre-Primary children! They got to meet JAMES the T-REX. Amazing! Huge! Scary! were just some of our words used to describe the dinosaur. Our presenter introduced many more dinosaurs to us, we were so lucky to experience an informative and interesting presentation.


Puzzles are fun and can have a profound impact on your child’s development. Puzzles develop your child’s problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, both crucial for acquiring other skills later in life. Puzzles can also help children with pattern recognition, memory, and both gross and fine motor skills. In our Kindy we love puzzle time on a Monday afternoon.

Hospital Incursion

Our Kindy Incursion was informative, interactive and incredibly interesting! Our children had stories of their own they happily shared with everyone regarding their hospital adventures. We have set up our own Kindy hospital in the classroom and the children are going to love exploring our new dramatic play area.

Fine Motors Skills

Our Early Childhood setting provides opportunities for children to experience a range of fine motor activities. These activities encourage independence and increased satisfaction in being able to do things for themselves. Fine motor skills provide children with the foundations necessary for the future skills of writing, drawing and self-care.

The Gruffalo

We read ‘The Gruffalo’ again in Kindy ……. you can never read good quality literature enough!
Mrs Whitaker used the characters from the story to retell the story through images whilst Mrs Godfrey read.  The children then transferred their knowledge of the story to the light table. As teachers we are thrilled when we hear children practise their oral language skills in direct correlation with the literature they have been exposed to!

Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills involve the use of smaller muscles in the hand and are necessary in many of our Kindy activities. We use fine motor boxes to strengthen our little fingers and have fun exploring all our fabulous boxes.

Nature Play

Nature play allows children in our Kindy the opportunity to set their own pace, make discoveries with friends, challenge themselves and consolidate their learning outside.

Kindy Yoga

In our kindy we practise yoga to strengthen our bodies and we focus on yoga breathing to calm our minds.

Bush Kindy

We have introduced our kindy students to Bush Kindy. Outside learning encourages confidence and studies have shown children develop resilience when they learn outside. It is an important part of our programme here at St John’s Kindy and we had a fabulous day together. We read the story “Wombat Stew”, we made nature soup, we collected dinosaur fossils and we created fairy wands. A beautiful beginning to our bush kindy learning.