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Dear Parent/Carers

Welcome back to St John’s as we begin a new school year. To parents of our Pre Kindy and Kindy students and families new to the St John’s community, I offer you a special welcome and I look forward to meeting you over the coming weeks. I hope that all of our families had a relaxing break over the summer holidays and that you are ready to begin a new school year.

We have definitely had a smooth start the enthusiasm and excitement from our students has been pleasing to see. The past two weeks have been packed with significant moments: new families, lots of exciting stories and most importantly, learning. Thanks for your efforts in collectively making the past two weeks a great start to the year. It is going to be a very busy and exciting year, with lots of learning opportunities and new experiences. I know you will continue to work with us, so that your children can grow in confidence, with a love of learning, and a determination to be the best person they can be. All signs point to incredible and productive school year.

We begin our year with joy and anticipation but it has been a traumatic start for many families, particularly those in communities here in Australia, who are being heavily impacted by the current bushfire crisis as well as the ongoing drought which on top of other life difficulties represents immense change and challenge. Our thoughts and prayers are with those involved or affected in any way, and we acknowledge and appreciate all who are helping and supporting.

Thank you to all families in supporting our Bushfire Appeal today, we had many excited children in free dress with an understanding that their contribution will make a difference to a family in need. Donations will be collected by classrooms teachers and all money donated will go towards the Archbishops Bushfire Appeal.

Getting back into routine after holidays can be a little difficult. Listed below are a few tips on how best to begin a new school year and, while they might not fit every need, they are not a bad guideline for commencing the routines of school.

1. Ease back into a healthy bedtime routine
We all enjoy a much more relaxed lifestyle during holidays and we are able to spend extra time watching TV, playing games and generally staying up late. However, the holidays are over and coming back to school can be really tiring. I would suggest that we get routines in place to ensure that your child is getting enough sleep. This is a crucial factor in good health and in maintaining a positive approach to education.

2. Keep a family calendar
Getting organised is an important part of returning to routines. Maintaining a family calendar, where everyone puts in their commitments, school assignments, after school activities and general whereabouts in the one place, can save children or parents panicking about the organisational aspects of life. At the beginning of a school year it’s also not a bad idea to think about making a morning to-do list. This little routine may save your sanity and put some predictability into chaotic mornings.

3. Help your son/daughter manage stress
For all manner of reasons, huge expectations are being placed on our kids. The stress can be something they put on themselves, emerge from perceived expectations of parents, schools, peers, or even worry about the future. We need to remember that our children are still kids – even the ones that seem to be, or want to be, all grown up. Keeping balance and definite down time with family to communicate, de-stress and rejuvenate is essential. Family activities where everyone is present and everyone participates is an ideal way to keep communication channels open and stress levels in check.

As the term progresses, we encourage you to get your children to become responsible for their belongings and learning. Along with you, we will also be encouraging this too. You may also find that the older children are happy to come into school on their own. Communication between home and school is important. Parents and teachers are partners in their child’s education. Therefore, if you are worried, have concerns or are unsure of activities then please contact your child’s teacher. Mornings can sometimes be hectic so please see your teacher and make an appointment so that time can be taken to speak with you.

Wishing you all a great week ahead!

Velma Erskine

Calendar of Events

Mon 17  
Tues 18 Kindy Butterfly Dreams
Wed 19  
Thurs 20 Yr 6 Surfing
Fri 21 Merit Award Assembly
Mon 24 Yr 6 Surfing
Tues 25  
Wed 26 Ash Wednesday Mass
Thurs 27  
Fri 28  
Upcoming Events
Mon 2 March  Public Holiday
Wed 11 March  Yr 6 Excursion Parliament House
Friday 13 March Yr 4-6 Guild Swimming Carnival


Parent Information Evenings

It was wonderful to have the opportunity to meet many of the parents and carers at our Parent Information Evenings over the past few nights. As mentioned on the nights, building strong positive relationships between home and school builds a foundation for success for the child. I do hope that the information sessions provided you with an opportunity to hear from your children’s class teachers about the upcoming year. Your presence will go a long way to helping your children ‘hit the ground running’.

Update of Family Details

To ensure that the school is able to communicate effectively with parents and carers, we rely on families updating their contact details when they change. If your family details, address, phone contacts, work, etc have changed recently, please ensure that the family details form are returned to the office as soon as possible.

Kiss ‘N’ Drive

St John’s School Community endeavours to ensure the safety of our children at drop off and pickup times at school. As we commence the new school year, it is a timely reminder to revisit the Kiss ‘n’ Drive safety rules. In the interests of safety it is expected that:
• Children must get in and out of vehicles via the passenger kerbside doors.
• Students will carry their bags into the car with them rather than placing them in a
boot or rear of the vehicle. (This also applies when dropping off your children in the morning).
• Students remain on the school side of the yellow line, until their car is completely
• Cars must pull up as far forward as possible in the queue (do not stop in line with the
school gates).
• Drivers must not leave their vehicle at any time.

There has always been an understanding by the school community that Lalor Street for morning drop off and afternoon pickup is a ONE WAY STREET. Unfortunately we can’t make this legal due to the residents however if, as a school community, we can reduce the traffic flow by encouraging the one way system, we will go a long way to minimising the risk to our children.

If you’re finding parking a problem there is a walkway between Lalor Street and Manning Road so you can Park N Walk.

PLEASE… For the safety of all our children, FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE RULES… and don’t forget to also advise other family members and carers who may be helping you drop off and pick up your children. Thanking you in anticipation of your co-operation and support.


Fortnightly Newsletter

Our newsletter which will be moving to a fortnightly Friday newsletter this year.  See our website for the School Calendar for Term one. It is to support parents with what is anticipated to occur throughout the term. Be aware that dates/events are subject to change and it is important to confer with the Term Calendar on the school website for an up-to-date schedule of events.

Head Boys

Congratulations to Parker Howard and Finn Wibrow on being appointed Head Boys for 2020



Guild Captains

Congratulations to the Term 1 Guild Captains:

Byrne: Jackson Paynter
McBride: Amina Fowers
McAuley: Hudson Leicester
Dominic: Jack Wigley



Whole School Mass

It was an absolute joy to have so many parents join us for our Whole School Mass on Wednesday 12 February. Towards the conclusion of Mass, we took the time as a community to commission our 2020 student leaders –
Head Boys: Finn and Parker
Guild Captains for Term One: Jackson, Amina, Hudson and Jack
We look forward to working with these amazing students throughout the year.



Sacramental Commitment and Commissioning Mass

All families are invited to the Sacramental Commitment and Commissioning Mass scheduled for Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February.  During the Mass on Saturday evening at 6pm, all staff, Board and P&F members will be making a commitment to serve the St John’s community. Sunday morning mass is at 7.30 and 9.30am. Looking forward to seeing all families at the celebration.



Ash Wednesday Mass

On Wednesday 26th February at 9.00am, our Year 3- 6 students will attend Mass for Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent. It is one of the Catholic traditions reminding us that during the 40 days of Lent it is an opportunity to reflect and improve our lives and help others. It is a time of prayer, fasting and almsgiving.



Student Medical Information

If your child has Anaphylaxis, Asthma, or other medical care you must provide the school with an action plan. Please contact the office for further information.



Kindergarten 2021

If your child is born between 1st July 2017 – 30th June 2018 they are eligible for Kindergarten 2021.
Please check with the office that we have received your enrolment application as we will be conducting interviews shortly.



January 2 Archie Edwards Yr 2
January 2 Alma Knox Yr 5
January 3 Timothy Baudia Kindy
January 3 Mia Calautti Kindy
January 3 Reef Wilsoncroft Yr 3
January 4 Anna Lebesmuehlbacher Kindy
January 4 Ella Masiello Yr 2
January 5 Leonardo Veracruz Yr 1
January 6 Tobias Waddle Yr 4
January 7 Jesse Wheeler Yr 5
January 8 Indiana Rogers Yr 2
January 9 Milla Barrett Yr 2
January 13 Bronte Edwards Yr 4
January 14 Cai Lock Yr 6
January 16 Eloise Toohey Yr 4
January 21 Soraya Popovsky PP
January 21  Darcy Luffman Yr 6
January 23 Flynn Deyonker PP
January  27 James Baudia Yr 2
February 2 Adelaide Figiomeni Yr 2
February 5 Alice Hunt Yr 1
February 6 Ciana Rio Torto Yr 4
February 11 Olivia Bishop PP
February 14 Harrison Cunningham Yr 2
February 17 Ethan Eyden Kindy
February 17 Akos Guczi-Kidd PP
February 21 Madeline Grayson PP
February 24 Giselle Geneff Yr 1
February 24 Natalia Starr Yr 5
February 25 Leicester Hudson Yr 6
February 26 Callie McGann PP
February 27 Holly Ince Yr 1



Pro Football Training – 2020 Term 1

Dear St John’s Parents,

Following on from our Term 4 School Soccer Programs, Andy from Pro Football Training will be re-running this 9 week program in Term 1 to allow your child to start/finish the day in an active and engaging manner.

The details of the program are as follows;

Thursday 13th February – Thursday 8th April (9 Weeks)
7.30am – 8.30am
St John’s Primary School

To register please email or call Andy on 0401 254 260 with the following information;

– Child’s Full Name
– Child’s Date of Birth
– Contact Telephone Number
– Contact Email Address
– Any Existing Medical Conditions

Ciaran Sanders


Uniform Shop is open every Friday from 8-9am

Or email your order to

Nikki  0422411024


Canteen News

Insulated lunch order bags available $10 from uniform shop/online or front office.

Lunch Orders: Cut off time for Canteen orders is midday Tuesday.


Roster Date Volunteer 1 Volunteer 2
Wed 19 Volunteer Needed Volunteer Needed
Wed 26 Volunteer Needed Volunteer Needed

Link to Canteen Roster – Many thanks Rachel Mardon Mob: 0405 476 282

Surf Report

On the 7th of February Matt, a surf instructor came into school to tell us about surfing at Trigg.  Matt talked about safety and dangers and told us how to surf.   He told us that when we surf we have to be aware of other surfers too.
The dangers in the water are rips, marine life, sand and rocks and the sun.  Our first priority before we go surfing is to put on sunscreen.  Matt also showed us how to put on a wetsuit.
After Matt had given his speech about how to surf we got to ask some questions.  It was a great experience for all of us.

By Amina Yr 6

Picnic on the Green

A huge thank you to the P&F with hosting last Friday’s Picnic on the Green evening for all of our families. It was lovely to see many new and existing families come together to celebrate the beginning of the new school year. The sausage sizzle and icy poles certainly went down a treat, once again thank you to the P&F for organising the event.
Finally, thank you for making me feel extremely welcomed to St John’s and for the support given over as I have settled in, I look forward to a successful year, for your child, for you and for our whole school community.


St John’s School, as part of the Catholic faith community, strives to provide a caring, compassionate and supportive environment, where each person is valued and encouraged to develop to his/her full potential.

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