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Dear Parent/Carers

On Wednesday, the school community celebrated the commencement of the season of Lent with the Ash Wednesday Mass. This Mass was led so reverently by the Year Six Class. Thank you to Father Grant, Mr Goldie and the Year Six students for helping us remember the great sacrifice Jesus made for us. It was wonderful to see many of our parents and friends take time to join us at Mass.

Ashes are a symbol of penance and they help us develop a spirit of humility and sacrifice. The ashes are made by burning palm leaves from Palm Sunday the year before and then they are blessed by Father Grant. The ashes are then applied to a person’s forehead in the form of a cross. Ashes were used hundreds of years ago as a way for people to show that they were sorry and were a sign that they had let the ‘fire’ of goodness go out inside them.

The ashes remind us to be sorry for the times when we weren’t the very best versions of ourselves and act as a reminder to keep that ‘fire’ of goodness alive within us.

Lent is our invitation to make a conscious effort to be the best versions of ourselves. We are called to say extra prayers, to fast and to alms give. 

It was wonderful to see so many of our families attending the commitment Masses over the weekend as they enrolled their children in the Parish Sacramental Programs. The Church was filled with our families and there was a great sense of joy in the Church. As a school we look forward to walking along side you as you continue on your family’s faith journey.

During the commitment Mass we also had all St John’s School staff, Board, P&F members and Year Six leaders commissioned for the year ahead. A huge thank you to Father Grant who celebrated the Mass and to the Parish community for being so welcoming.

At our Monday morning prayer assembly, the Term One student councillors were announced. It gives me great pleasure to congratulate these student councillors whose names are listed below in the newsletter.  I know that these students will serve St John’s School in a positive and collaborative manner, setting an example for their peers to follow. Congratulations!

A reminder that Monday 2 March is a Public Holiday in WA and the school will be closed.  May you all enjoy an extra morning of sleep ins and possibly a pyjama day!

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!

God Bless
Velma Erskine

Calendar of Events

Mon 2 Labour Day Public Holiday
Tues 3 Swim Squad Training 3.15 – 4pm
Wed 4 Yr 6 Reconciliation
Kindy – Hospital
Swim Squad Training 3.15 – 4pm
Thurs 5 Yr 6 Surfing
First Reconciliation Parent Information Evening Yr 3
Fri 6 Yr 6 Assembly
Mon 9  
Tues 10 Swim Squad Training 3.15 – 4pm
Wed 11 Yr 5 Reconciliation
Parliament House Excursion Yr 6
Swim Squad Training 3.15 – 4pm
Thurs 12 Yr 6 Surfing
Fri 13 Senior Guild Swimming Carnival Yrs 4 – 6
Upcoming Events
Mon 2 March  Public Holiday
Wed 11 March  Excursion Parliament House Yr 6
Friday 13 March Senior Guild Swimming Carnival Yrs 4- 6
Thurs 26  Junior Swimming Carnival Yrs 1-3
Fri 27  Summer Lightening Carnival Yrs 5 & 6


Project Compassion – Caritas Australia – Go Further Together

This week Project Compassion Mission Boxes were sent home. Project Compassion is an initiative of Caritas Australia, an organisation that helps many people overseas and here within Australia.

The Caritas Australia Project Compassion appeal runs for the season of Lent which commenced on Ash Wednesday. We ask that you put the Mission Box in a special spot and place any loose change inside. By 6th April, we ask you to return the Mission Boxes and all monies received will be counted and then a cheque presented to Caritas Australia.

Please remember that every cent counts! The theme for Project Compassion for 2020 is Go Further Together. Thank you, in anticipation, for your support.

Shrove Tuesday (Pancake Day)

Tuesday 25 February was celebrated as Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day. This follows the tradition where people used up all of the fats in the house that they would go without until Easter. A team of St John’s mums generously gave of their time to make pancakes for the children. Thank you to Emma Taylor, Lara Heatley, Jen Gascoyne, Kinga Zielinska and Melanie Slinger. The yummy pancakes were enjoyed by all at morning tea time. All money raised on the day will be going towards our Project Compassion, a total of $272.25 was raised!

Please keep an eye out for information regarding upcoming planned Project Compassion Events such as RICE DAY and CRAZY HAIR DAY.

Term 1 Student Councillors

At this week’s Monday morning prayer assembly our Term 1 student councillors were announced. 

Yr 1 Lucah Waddle
Jessica Lindsay
Yr 2 Jed Harper
Remy Misfeld
Yr 3 William Knox
Lola Vogl
Yr 4 Zachary Sartorello
Bianca De Rizzo
Yr 5 Tomo Glauert
Coco Wilsoncroft
Yr 6 Parker Howard
Finn Wibrow
Jackson Paynter
Amina Fowers
Hudson Leicester
Jack Wigley

School Board 2020

The School Board held their first meeting on Tuesday evening. The 2020 School Board Members are as follows:

PARISH PRIEST: Father Grant Gorddard
PRINCIPAL: Velma Erskine
CHAIRPERSON Richard Barrett
TREASURER: Greg Wheeler
SECRETARY: Grant Blake
P&F NOMINEE: Stephanie Barnes
MEMBERS: Robert Pala
Lisa Rutherford
Luke Willcock
OBSERVERS: Vlad Alonzo
Katherine Kelly

Parent & Friends Association 2020

We also held our first P&F Meeting recently and had a record number of attendees. At this meeting many community events were discussed and planned for the coming year. Our P&F for 2020 Executive Committee and Members are:

President: Emma Taylor
Vice-President: Petrina Armitage
Treasurer: Peter McDonald
Secretary: Courtney Waller
Rep to the Board: Stephanie Barnes
Committee Members: Kelli Pala
Liz Hill
Caroline Ince
Jen Curtin
Kindy Samantha Giorgella
Amanda Figilomeni
Pre Primary Rikki Bestall
Mel Slinger
Year 1 Meike Lebesmuehlbacher
Debbie Lindsay
Year 2 Sarah Misfeld
Year 3 Karen Wilsoncroft
Emma Taylor
Year 4 Jody Blake
Nicole Christie
Lara Heatley
Tracey Stockdale
Linda Costain
Year 5 Kyla Ebert
Maryanne Regeling
Year 6 Richelle Howard
Nicola Wigley


Red Cross Visit

Australian Red Cross delivered an interactive and informative incursion for the Year 6 class on Wednesday, 26th February that taught students about refugees and people seeking asylum around the world and in Australia.
During the In Search of Safety program students had the chance to imagine what it would be like to flee their homes quickly through an engaging simulation, and to hear from children their age about their experiences of seeking safety.
A great opportunity for the students to learn about human rights, why people need protection and they’ve all been given an activity to practice humanitarianism at home!

Bushfire Appeal

A huge THANK YOU to all families for the wonderful support and contribution with our recent Free Dress Day to raise money for the Archbishop’s Bushfire Appeal. We raised a total of $708.60 which will now be forwarded to the Appeal.

Parent Teacher Interviews

Parent teacher interviews will be taking place during Weeks 6 – 8 of this term. A SEQTA link will be forwarded out to all families in week 5 to book a time to meet with class teachers. Each teacher sets their own interview availability. From Pre-Primary to Year 3 the interviews are between the parent and the teacher. From Year 4 to Year 6 the interviews are between the child, parent and the teacher. It is expected that at least one parent of each child will meet with the teacher.

Out of School Hours Care

In the coming week we will be sending out an ‘Expression of Interest’ Survey to establish whether we will go forward with setting up an Out of School Hours Care on our school site. I invite all parents who would be interested in OSHC to complete the expression form so that we can obtain a rough number of families that would take up OSHC.

Students of the Week

Honour Certificates  
Yr 1 Matthew Kim
Lucah Waddle
Yr 2 Eva Mavromatis
James Baudia
Yr 3 Tristan Kobylinska
Lola Vogl
Yr 4 Madeline Chapman
Jack Stockdale
Yr 5 Natalie Fitzpatrick
Tomo Glauert
Yr 6 Xavier Avins
Poppy Vogl

Happy Birthday

March 4 Finn Wibrow Yr 6
March 7 Mason Blake Yr 4
March 10 Nash Darwen Kindy
March 12 Cooper Wang PP
March  12 Gabrielle Taylor Yr 3
March 12 Natalia Coppin Yr 5



Pro Football Training – 2020 Term 1

Dear St John’s Parents,

Following on from our Term 4 School Soccer Programs, Andy from Pro Football Training will be re-running this 9 week program in Term 1 to allow your child to start/finish the day in an active and engaging manner.

The details of the program are as follows;

Thursday 13th February – Thursday 8th April (9 Weeks)
7.30am – 8.30am
St John’s Primary School

To register please email or call Andy on 0401 254 260 with the following information;

– Child’s Full Name
– Child’s Date of Birth
– Contact Telephone Number
– Contact Email Address
– Any Existing Medical Conditions

Ciaran Sanders


Uniform Shop is open every Friday from 8-9am

Or email your order to

Nikki  0422411024


Canteen News

Insulated lunch order bags available $10 from uniform shop/online or front office.

Lunch Orders: Cut off time for Canteen orders is midday Tuesday.


Roster Date Volunteer 1 Volunteer 2
Wed 4 Volunteer Needed Volunteer Needed
Wed 11 Anita Bevacqua Emma Taylor

Link to Canteen Roster – Many thanks Rachel Mardon Mob: 0405 476 282

St John’s School, as part of the Catholic faith community, strives to provide a caring, compassionate and supportive environment, where each person is valued and encouraged to develop to his/her full potential.

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