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Dear Parents and Caregivers,

A warm welcome back to school for Term 2! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful holiday break and were able to soak up the glorious weather and get ‘out and about’. Hopefully you found time filled with whatever you needed it to be filled with – rest, adventure, relaxation, family, blessings, chocolate etc. As we commence Term 2, it is great to see students return to school full of energy and excitement about catching up with their friends and ready to participate in a myriad of learning experiences

Easing of Restrictions – COVID 19
Earlier this week, I shared with the school community the newly implemented guidelines around COVID-19. With the easing of restrictions, we warmly welcome our parents and community members back on school grounds, besides parents being allowed on school grounds, listed below are other restrictions that have now been eased around schools:

• Mixed year level activities can resume (buddy classes will resume in the coming weeks)
• Parents are now permitted to support in the classrooms
• All parents may now attend school events without restrictions
• Parent/teacher meetings may now proceed in the classrooms
• Spectators are now permitted to attend all sporting events

School attendance
The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) encourages all students who are well to attend school, including those with health conditions, unless COVID-19 positive.

Educational continuity
Schools provide work for students who need to stay home due to isolation requirements (COVID-19 positive students and symptomatic household contacts only). Schools are not required to provide work to students who are being kept at home by a parent when there is no COVID-19 positive case.

Wearing of Masks
The mask mandate no longer applies to staff and students in schools. However, masks are required on public transport, including public transport taken during the course of school activities, as well as in vehicles provided by schools.

People in our community will no doubt have different responses to the news of the mask mandate having been lifted. For some, wearing masks would have provided comfort or a sense of safety, and for others it has been an inconvenience. Wearing a mask will largely be a personal choice, and it is important we respect the importance of others, adults and students alike.

The next few weeks will be a transition period of sorts as we become more comfortable with not always wearing a mask. It is totally acceptable for students and staff, to continue to wear masks if that is their wish, just as it is fine for people to choose not to wear a mask.

ANZAC Day Service
Last Wednesday morning our Year 5 students lead a very reverent Anzac Day Service. The origins of this day of recognition are very important as we commemorate 107 years of ANZAC spirit. The history and tradition of this day is appropriate for all families to reinforce the learning and understandings of this commemorative day with children so that they grow up appreciating not only the sacrifices made by our soldiers, BUT……also appreciating the wonderful sacrifices made by our grandparents and great grandparents which enabled us to live in such a wonderful, prosperous land filled with opportunity. God Bless all our ancestors as well as all who work today to ensure the continuation of peace for the world.

We warmly welcomed Mr Des Cummings, President of the Scarborough RSL and Mr Malcolm Till, Life Member of RSL WA to our service. My gratitude is extended to Mr Vlad Alonzo for all the work he undertook in organising and preparing the students for the very reflective ANZAC DAY Service.  Please take the time to read Mr Cummings very moving and passionate speech further on in our newsletter.


Mother’s Day
This Sunday is Mother’s Day. I would like to wish all the Mums, Nannas, Aunts and special ladies in our School Community a very Happy Mother’s Day. When we think about the mammoth role mothers have, every day should be Mother’s Day! I hope that your day begins with breakfast in bed, a bright and cheery good morning, an opportunity to be pampered in some small way and hopefully no need to settle any sibling disagreements. Thank you to all the ladies who take on the role of Mum. We thank you for your unconditional love and care. Happy Mother’s Day.

We also take this opportunity remember those who have passed and are celebrating in Heaven. Our mother Mary is an example for every mother and is also an example for all of us who seek to love others with a pure and holy heart.

Good News Story
A shout out good news story for this week goes to the St John’s School staff who worked tirelessly to organise and prepare for yesterday’s Mothers’ Day Breakfast. Lots of work took place on early Wednesday morning and I am very appreciative for their time and efforts along the way with a few laughs thrown in. Thank you!  (There are lots of photos of our beautiful mums further on in the newsletter.)

And another shout out goes to our St John’s P&F Year One representatives for running the Mothers’ Day stall on Wednesday. The selection of gifts was great, we hope that all Mums love the gifts selected by their children!

NAPLAN commences next week for our students in Years Three and Five. My message to the students, staff, parents and carers is that I request all students do their very best. If the students can tell me that they did their best, then I will be one very happy principal. NAPLAN results provide information on how the students did on one day of the school year and that this information is used to make sure the students are receiving the education they need.

The proposed timetable for each of the assessments is below. If students are absent for their scheduled assessment, the school will provide them with an opportunity to complete the missed assessment during Week 4. Teachers will continue to prepare students and familiarise them with the online site in the lead up to NAPLAN. If parents wish to, they are also able to access this practice site at

Week 3   Monday 9 May Tuesday 10 May Wednesday 11 May Thursday 12 May Friday 13 May 
9.00am Year 3 Final preparation day Writing paper test
40 mins
Reading online
45 mins
Numeracy online test
45 mins
Catch up online tests
  Year 5   Writing online test
42 mins
Reading online test
50 mins
Numeracy online test
50 mins
Year 3 Writing catch up final day
11.15am Year 3     Conventions of language online test
45 mins
  *Final day to return Year 3 writing books
  Year 5     Conventions of language online test
45 mins
Week 4   Monday 16 May Tuesday 17 May Wednesday 18 May Thursday 19 May Friday 20 May
    Catch up tests Catch up tests Catch up tests Catch up tests Final day for all catch up tests

In conclusion, may God’s richest blessings be bestowed upon all mothers, grandmothers and special mother caregivers this Sunday. I hope every mother enjoys being spoilt by their loved ones.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.

God Bless

Vel Erskine


I give thanks to you today for the gift of my mother.
She gave me life.
She patiently and tenderly cared for me,
and taught me to walk and talk.
She read to me and made me laugh.
No one delighted in my successes more.
No one could comfort me better in my failures.
Please bless her, and keep her safe.

What’s happening….?

Week 2  
Friday 6 May Merit Award Assembly
Week 3  
Monday 9 May Running Club: 7.45 – 8.15am (Years 3-6)
Tuesday 10 May NAPLAN
Wednesday 11 May NAPLAN
Thursday 12 May Running Club: 7.45 – 8.15am (Years 3-6)
Week 4  
Monday 16 May Running Club: 7.45 – 8.15am (Years 3-6)
Tuesday 17 May Frist Eucharist Retreat – Year 4
Wednesday 18 May Year 4 Class Mass and Reconciliation
Upcoming Events  
Sunday 22 May First Holy Communion 9.30am
Monday 23 May Faction Cross Country Carnival 


ANZAC Day Liturgy – Mr Des Cummings Speech

Please take a moment to read this beautiful and moving speech by Mr Des Cummings, President, Scarborough RSL

“It is an honour to be invited to your school today for your ANZAC Day Service. I am here representing your local Scarborough RSL sub branch, together with Mr Malcolm Till, long time member of our sub branch and life member of RSL WA.

Today I would briefly like to talk about the ANZAC Spirit and what it should mean to you.

I believe it stands for several qualities which all of us can usefully use in our everyday activities. This spirit represents a sense of Purpose and Direction.

You know what you have to do. No matter what difficulties you may think are in your way, think of the ANZACs and push the difficulties and problems to one side and get on and accomplish your task.

Secondly this ANZAC spirit represents an Acceptance of Responsibility. Accept responsibility in your every day lives. Sometimes things go wrong – be prepared to accept the responsibility and blame – forget the excuses.

Thirdly, it encompasses a sense of Compassion (being kind and considerate). This has been summed up in the Australian experience as Mateship – watch out for your mates, help him always and don’t poke fun at other children because they may have had some misfortune, or keep to themselves, or come from a different part of the world. Be inclusive and engage with them and make them your mate as well.

Another element of the ANZAC Spirit is Unselfishness. I am sure you all know what this word means – Be prepared to share.

These simple things are what we mean when we talk about the ANZAC Spirit. A sense of Purpose and Direction, Acceptance of Responsibility, Compassion of Mateship and Unselfishness.

Please boys and girls, use these elements of the ANZAC Spirit not only while you are at school, but whatever you do in your future lives. If you do this you will be keeping faith with those brave soldiers who put the word ANZAC into our language our 107 years ago and you will be making sure that the ANZAC Spirit is always a part of our Australian way of life. As we older ones move on, the future of ANZAC rests in your hands.

Besides the ANZAC Spirit, I would like you to remember 4 little words – BE GOOD, DO GOOD. I repeat BE GOOD, DO GOOD. I am sure it will make your parents and teachers very happy. Thank you for listening and thank you for the invitation to attend your ANZAC Service today”.

Mother’s Day Breakfast and Mass

Thank you to all our lovely mums who attended our Mother’s Day Breakfast and Mass yesterday morning. Lots more photos on our school Facebook page too!

Year 4 – Ukraine Appeal

We are very proud of our Year 4 students who raised a total of $204.95 at the end of last term for the people of Ukraine.  Well done everyone!

St John’s Run Club

Students from Years 3 – 6 are invited for the opportunity to prepare for their St John’s Cross Country Carnival in Term Two by participating in Run Club. It will occur each Monday & Thursday before school, from 7.45am-8.15am at Abbett Park. Parents will be responsible for transporting their child to Abbett Park with the option for children to walk back to school together at the conclusion of training or be collected by a parent/carer.

Pro Football Training

Please see details below for the before school Pro Football Training at St John’s in Term 2.

St Johns – School Oval
Thursday, 5th May to Thursday, 23rd June
7.30am to 8.30am

Parish Playgroup

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Happy Birthday to the following students who celebrate their birthdays during the month of May

Jasper Pre Kindy
Pre Primary
Year 1
Year 2
Madelyn Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6




Our Uniform Shop is open every Monday morning from 8.15 – 9.00am

ORDERS can also be placed  ONLINE at, all orders will be delivered to your child’s classroom.

St John’s Uniform Shop is operated by Jenny Franklin Enterprise (JFE). The 24/7 online ordering will continue to operate. The Online order cut off will be Tuesdays at 4.00pm and all orders will be delivered to the classrooms on Thursday mornings

Canteen News

Our canteen is be open for both recess and lunch on Wednesdays and Fridays. ONLINE ORDERS ONLY

On Wednesdays we will be serving food from the usual Snack Shack Menu. On Fridays, the canteen will have a special Meal Deal (Fish and Potato Gems and a drink) and/or Sushi available.

Please note that the cut off for Wednesday orders is at midday on Tuesday and the cut off for Friday orders is midday on Wednesday.

Please refer to our website for the ‘Snack Shack’ menu to place online orders CANTEEN ORDERS

Do you have the Relief List app? If not, go to: and click on the link to the relevant app to make ordering easier!

All orders must have a school insulated lunch bag labelled with your child’s name and year level.
Insulated lunch bags are available to purchase from the canteen for $10 per bag.

If your child is sick and they have placed a lunch order please email Anne and the order will be held over until the following week.

Many thanks
Anne Brown
Canteen Manager


Wanted Ice cream containers!


Mrs Brown in the canteen would like your empty 2L ice cream containers!  Please bring them into the canteen on Wednesdays.

St John’s School, as part of the Catholic faith community, strives to provide a caring, compassionate and supportive environment, where each person is valued and encouraged to develop to his/her full potential.

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