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Welcome to Pre Primary


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The children from Pre Primary presented a beautiful Nativity theme at assembly last Friday. Well done!

Book Week

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Pre Primary have been focusing on describing characters and sharing their favourite books at news time. This year’s Book Week theme was “Reading is my secret power”.  The children discussed what this could mean and shared how, when reading stories, they can imagine being different characters.

Bush School

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Pre Primary is making the most of the weather and enjoying Bush School. The children worked amazingly well in teams to create some incredible things. Before they began, the class had a reading session outside about the adventures of Snuggle Pot and Cuddle Pie – the Gum Nut Babies.  The children took inspiration from the stories to create gardens, bush treats, tree houses and took to exploring the garden for some bush babies and treasures.  They took time to draw up plans for their creations and thoroughly immersed themselves in the idea of exploring. 

Solids, Liquids and Gases

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The Year 5s led their Pre Primary buddies on an adventure to find as many solids, liquids and gases around St John’s. They discussed how they can use their senses to help them work out what category objects go into. The following week they worked together to use a range of different metrics e.g. spoon, coffee cup, bucket, pinch, handful to measure different objects from their exploring to make a potion!

100th Day of School

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Pre Primary have just celebrated their 100th day of school this year! As we have been learning to count all the way to 100 we had lots of activities to practise and show off our counting skills. We built Lego structures with 100 pieces, made jewellery with 100 beads, did 100 exercises and even completed an obstacle course by counting in 10s to 100! We had such a fun day celebrating the children’s hard work and learning over the past 100 days. The children also decorated crowns to be worn with pride for all their amazing achievements and drew pictures showing the things they had learnt.  We decided to all wear our pyjamas on the day to make the day extra fun and memorable! 

It's All In The Rhythm And Beat

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During their Music lesson the Pre Primary students are having fun exploring rhythm and beat with instruments.

Buddies on the Bus - Off to the Library

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The Year 5 and Pre Primary classes have been creating stories in their ‘buddies time’ this term. To do some research, the classes took the local bus to visit the Stirling Library. The children had a story time session and made book marks for each other.  All the children had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed catching the local bus together!


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This term in Pre Primary we have a workshop in the classroom. The children have been learning about the safety of tools, push and pull as well as taking things apart and putting them back together. Some great conversation ensure as they “work” in the workshop along with plenty of noise to go with it.  Remember, Safety First! 

Exploring our senses

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During Science with Mrs Cherubino the Pre Primary children are exploring their 5 senses and why they are so important. The children went on a walk around the school while taking photos. They then made a pic collage and explained to the rest of the class what senses were explored and what they found. Next the children rotated between each sense and were able to touch, see, smell, listen and even TASTE! Some amazing discoveries and expressions, especially after tasting. 

Constable Care

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Pre Primary children recently travelled to the Constable Care safety school.  We learnt all about Road safety and pretended we were the cars on the road. We had to keep left, stop at the red lights and give way to other cars (bikes) and pedestrians. The children learned some very important life skills


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Lifecycles have been one of the focuses this term in both the PP & Year 5 classes.

The Pre Primary students have watched chicks hatch in their classroom as well as exploring, ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ story, while the Year 5 students have a new Stick insect called ‘Ninja’ and ‘Joogie’ the Preying mantis. 

Some of the highlights of Buddy Time recently has seen the children working together on an iMovie video using plasticine to create stages of a life cycle from seed to plant and egg to chicken.

Their next combined adventurous project is to plan and build chicken huts. 

Gardening Buddies

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The Pre Primary students along with their Yr 5 buddies were very busy last week in attending to the school’s vegie garden.  They planted new crops of carrots, snow peas, tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuces with Mrs Harney.  Can’t wait to watch them grow!

Obstacle Course Fun!

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During morning tea and lunch time recently the children enjoyed experimenting with their obstacle course. They were climbing, jumping and going over and under. We even had some rolling on the mat! Great fun in the sun!