St John's Primary School


Welcome to Pre Primary

Cloud Stories

In Pre Primary we have been learning about the weather. With the assistance of our Year 5 buddies we went outside and looked at the clouds to use as inspiration for a story! We then had a go at working together to make a story map using pictures to retell our cloud stories.


Dinoland came to visit our Kindy and Pre-Primary children! They got to meet JAMES the T-REX. Amazing! Huge! Scary! were just some of our words used to describe the dinosaur. Our presenter introduced many more dinosaurs to us, we were so lucky to experience an informative and interesting presentation.

We Will Remember Them

Pre Primary students learnt all about ANZAC day and the brave men and women who worked hard to keep our home safe and who showed amazing friendship.  We made these beautiful poppies in memory of them.  We listened to ‘The Last Post’ and took a moment of silence to be grateful for the amazing ANZACs, all the people who protect our country and people and the wonderful place we call home.

Investigation Time

Moments from Pre Primary investigation time.  So many wonderful conversations and amazing learning happening with these busy little people.

Vegetable Garden

In Pre Kindy we believe in using nature as a restorative place. With that in mind we created a vegetable garden in our nature playground as part of our Bush Kindy Programme. We turned our soil, we selected our seeds, we planted and we watered. Now we watch and we wait with great anticipation. 
“Children have great affinity towards nature. Dirt, water, plants and small animals attract and hold children’s attention for hours, days, even a lifetime.” Ben Hewitt

Bush School

Pre Primary have been introduced to Bush School.  We learnt all about pollinators- how they are so important for our environment and how we can care for them. Students planted flowers in our garden and painted a colourful poster to welcome and attract our pollinator friends. We looked at the beautiful patterns and colours of different butterflies and created our own beautiful butterfly nature collages. We had fun learning outside and working together to make our school environment a beautiful place to be.


In Pre Primary Science we are learning all about living things and their needs. We discuss  pets and what we must do to care for them in order to keep them happy and healthy.  We now have our own class pets – caterpillar eggs, caterpillars, chrysalis’ and a butterfly to care for! In preparation for the celebration of Easter, we will observe and explore the life cycle of Butterflies and watch the amazing transformations taking place in our classroom over the next few weeks as our pets turn into beautiful butterflies.

Pre Primary First Week

The Pre Primary class have an amazing start to the year.  The children have settled in brilliantly have already made the classroom their own.