St John's Primary School


Welcome to Year 5

Cloud Stories

In Pre Primary we have been learning about the weather. With the assistance of our Year 5 buddies we went outside and looked at the clouds to use as inspiration for a story! We then had a go at working together to make a story map using pictures to retell our cloud stories.

Grammar Match Up

This is not as easy as it looks! Year 5 students have been reviewing grammar vocabulary, definitions and examples. Some of the topics we cannot remember or have never heard of before, will become our focus for the next few weeks.

Watch Us Grow Into the Future

n the past few weeks the year 5 class have been creating vision boards. What are vision boards? They are our way of showing our goals for this year. Some questions in our vision boards are what are your academic goals, friends, try for change, health, try something new, me myself and I and a saving money goal.

Book Club

Book Club is up and running in the Year 5 class! We have completed pre reading activities to whet our appetites about our novels and met to discuss our notes on the first few chapters. Next we will begin our rotations and discover all the magical parts of our stories.

What a Mystery

The Year 5 students took torches into the storeroom to find 12 things that didn’t fit and to look for clues. We found what appeared to be a ‘party hat’ hand drawn onto one of the old fashioned sepia photos. Turns out it was a unicorn horn! On the back there was a QR code linked to a news article about how unicorns are real and being made through other animal’s DNA… how these things all link? We aren’t sure, but stay tuned for our short burst mystery.